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Ventilator Program 


WHY CHOOSE ANCHOR FOR HOME VENTILATORY NURSING? Anchor specializes in Home Ventilator Nursing Care for both adult and pediatric clients providing the following: 

• Knowledgeable nursing staff to train caregivers in becoming self-sufficient in ventilator and respiratory 


• A nursing staff that works closely with ancillary staff to provide optimal patient outcomes. 

• Activities in or out of the home to help increase and/or maintain quality of life. 

THE ANCHOR STAFF Anchor employees are a specially selected staff of outstanding professionals which must undergo an intensive screening process upon application. The screening process includes: 

• License and certification verification . Complete reference checks . Comprehensive skills testing 

• Assessment of interpersonal and communication skills 

• Health verification including a physical examination 

ANCHOR VENTILATOR ORIENTATION Anchor's nursing staff undergoes an extensive ventilator orientation; including, but not limited to the following: 

• Ventilator training in the office as well as hands-on in the field 

• Education on various types of tracheostomy tubes 

• Training in changing and care of tracheostomy tubes 

• Instruction on suctioning procedures 

• Anchor's orientation is designed to update those nurses with previous ventilator experience or 

thoroughly train those with minimal or no vent training

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