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"Back To' Work Program 

The Anchor “Back To" Work Program is designed to provide coordinated services for persons with back pain or injury. Beginning with the initial injury or episode, care is provided using critical/ clinical pathways that detail the elements for the nursing assessment, patient/caregiver teaching and patient response or outcome to the care provided. The focus is on relieving pain, improving mobility and returning to work. 


• Comprehensive patient assessment and care provided by registered nurses and physical therapists with training 

and experience in the management of patients with back pain or injury 

• A care delivery model based on the Agency for Health Care Policy and research guidelines that incorporate a 

multidisciplinary approach 

Episode prevention through patient/caregiver education in: 

• Acute process 

Pain control . Exercise/activity programs 

• Patient teaching tools 

• Outcome measurement reporting 

. Functional improvement 

• Decreased hospitalization/emergent care utilization 

• Reduced cost of care by episode 

The Anchor "Back" To Work Program reduces the cost of delivering health care to this patient population by improving patient outcomes and facilitating the patient's return to work.

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