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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Cardiac Management 

Program Anchor Home Healthcare 


The Anchor Cardiac Management Program is designed to provide complete home care services for persons diagnosed with heart failure. Beginning with hospital discharge, care is provided using critical/clinical pathways that detail the elements of the nursing assessment, patient/caregiver teaching and patient response or outcome to the care provided. 

WHAT WILL THE ANCHOR CARDIAC MANAGEMENT PROGRAM PROVIDE? . Comprehensive patient assessment and care provided by registered nurses with training and experience in the 

management of cardiac patients 

• RNs available with LVAD (left ventricular assistive device) training and experience 

• Application of the New York State Functional Classification System 

• A care delivery model based on the Agency for Health Care Policy and research guidelines that incorporate a 

multidisciplinary approach 

• Episode prevention through patient/caregiver education in: 

• Disease process 

• Dietary restrictions 

• Medication . Exercise/activity programs 

• Emergency procedures . Up-to-date patient teaching tools . Outcome measurement reporting 

• Functional improvement 

• Decreased hospitalization/emergent care utilization 

• Reduced cost of care by episode 

The Anchor Cardiac Management Program clinical model for heart failure reduces the cost of delivering healthcare to this patient population while at the same time improving patient outcomes and payer satisfaction.

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