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Anchor’s mission is to be the leader in the provision of quality home health care services with uncompromising standards for excellence; to service the community with mission-outreach goals through home medical and support services.  Anchor seeks to provide these services in the most timely manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program, aimed at achieving 100% client satisfaction.  Only the most qualified, professional personnel will be employed: ensuring the best of care is rendered.  A culture of relationships will be integrated throughout all of Anchor’s operations; viewing all involved as partners.  Anchor is committed to ensuring all client’s rights are protected, providing the most qualified personnel, delivering cost-effective methods of service, designating resources for continuous learning and development, and being a financially ethical and profitable organization. 



  • An Anchor nurse performs a free in-hospital or in-home client assessment, if necessary.


  • The Anchor nurse consults with the patient’s physician to determine the client’s individual home care needs.


  • A detailed Plan of Care is developed based on the diagnosis, care needs, family support, prognosis, home environment and community resources available.


  • The best team of Anchor healthcare professionals is selected to implement the total  home care program for the patient.


  • The Anchor nurse or therapist makes scheduled visits to the home to monitor treatment, review and/or revise the patient’s individualized Plan of Care.

Anchor Home Health Care- The leading provider of home health care.

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