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Chiropractic Treatment

Orthopedic Program 

The Anchor Orthopedic Program is designed to provide complete home care services for persons who have elective hip or knee replacement surgery. It is a collaborative model designed to integrate Anchor home care protocols with protocols of providers such as orthopedic surgeons, acute and subacute care facilities and managed care organizations. 


. Comprehensive patient assessment and care provided by registered nurses and physical therapists who have 

training and experience in the management of joint replacement patients 

. A care delivery model based on the integration of multi-organization protocols 

• Enhanced patient preparedness and early recovery 

. Consistency in postoperative patient care 

Standardized rehabilitation protocols for joint replacement 

• Improved patient outcomes and patient satisfaction 

• Cost containment and savings 

. Up-to-date patient teaching tools 

• Outcome measurement reporting 

• Functional improvement 

• Decreased hospitalization/emergent care utilization . Reduced cost of care by episode

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