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Asthma Management 

The Anchor Asthma Management Program provides a clinical model for implementing and evaluating the nursing interventions necessary to stabilize and maintain the asthma patient in the home environment. The model incorporates a collaborative approach to episodic care and disease state management. 


• An on-site patient needs assessment conducted by a registered nurse that includes a disease staging questionnaire 

• A care delivery model for the effective management of asthma that includes a partnership with the patient, family, 

nurse, physician, case manager and payer 

Episode prevention through: 

• Maintenance of "near normal" pulmonary function rates 

• Prevention of chronic and troublesome symptoms . Environmental control measures to avoid/eliminate precipitating factors and asthma triggers 

• In-home nursing instruction program supplemented with education materials . Avoidance of adverse side effects from medications 

• Maintenance of normal activity levels (including exercise) 

• Coordination of discipline specific treatment modalities and service 

• Community resource identification and linkage 

. An outcome measurement component 

The Anchor Asthma Management Program is based on the premise that patient/family education and support are essential requirements for maximum disease control.

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